Alisha & Maisum || Pickering Beach Family Photoshoot

February 27, 2024

Pickering Beach Family Photoshoot

It has been an honour to capture Alisha and Maisum’s milestone moments. From their wedding, to their pregnancy, and finally capturing the fun of sweet baby Sofia.

What are some fun ways to capture a fun time on the beach with children?

  • Don’t keep them still! Children are boisterous and full of energy. With cautious supervision, let them play and have fun with you! Run around, collect rocks, play with the sand, kick up some water, don’t be afraid to have fun and play with your kids. They grow up so fast and those moments won’t last forever!
  • Bring their favourite toys and snacks to enjoy to help them be comfortable
  • Allow your children to tire themselves out. You’ll be able to stand with them, sit with them, and lie with them when they are tuckered out from all the fun!
  • And most importantly, let them be themselves! Regardless of what they say or do, give them the safe space to be kids. After all, raising kids allows our inner children to come out and play with them. 🙂
  • And don’t forget sunscreen!