Shelley Boudoir || A Celebration of Self in Toronto

Toronto Sensual Boudoir Portrait Photoshoot

I remember when I did my first boudoir shoot ten years ago.

I was intimidated as hell.

You have a person who is submitting to their beautiful, natural, vulnerable humanity in front of you – and your job is to ensure they are comfortable, they are free, and they are having fun.

But isn’t that what friendship is?

Friendship, like boudoir, is when you get the chance to shed your layers and celebrate yourselves and each other. Whether it’s a friendship with someone else, or a friendship with yourself, that’s what makes something like boudoir even more beautiful than it is – the ability to be friendly with your vulnerability.

Whether it’s with a friend, with a professional photographer (hello! 😊👋), or by yourself, grab a camera, shed your layers, and explore the beauty you’ve always had yet never explored.